Austrian Beer – The beer in Austria is inseparable connected with Austrian culture and the Austrian way of life. We have collected the most important Austrian beers on this website. Refresh your memories from your latest Austria visit, or just experience a new beer taste from the heart of Europe.
Mozartkugeln – The genuine Salzburger Mozartkugeln from Mirabell in the unmistakable red-golden packaging are a favorite confection and a symbol for enjoyment. They are a highly appreciated gift, a typical Austrian souvenir and an internationally recognized synonym for Austria.

Hofbauer Mozartkugeln – Hofbauer offers Mozartkugeln in premium quality for the expensive tastes of Mozart Chocolates. You will experience the hand-decorated product uniqueness in a wonderful flavour enjoyment. For over 120 years, Hofbauer has been inextricably linked with the finest confectionary and the city of Vienna. For many years, Vienna was also the source of inspiration for Mozart’s unique music. Mozartkugeln Pralines are one of the most traditional products from Hofbauer – the Viennese confectionery specialist: carefully selected ingredients and craftmanship have together created the very special pleasure of Hofbauer’s delicious Mozart Pralines.

Austria News offers news from Austria in English language.

Travel Austria – Reports, informations and a lot of pictures about Austria and its cities, towns, villages, important places, lakes and sights.

Casali Rum Kokos Chocolates are something sweet and exotic from Austria. Caribbean rum with coco substance and Austrian chocolate, what a wonderful combination. Those Chocolate dragees with liquid alcoholic filling and coconut-milk chocolate coating. Only the best ingredients are used to produce this masterpiece of candy chocolates.

Ildefonso Chocolate: some time between 1890 and 1900 a master confectioner at the candy manufacturer company Victor Schmidt developed the exquisite recipe for the layered nougat cube. It’s not known whether he thought of seven layers of light and dark nougat with a delicate chocolate coating on the top and bottom right from the very beginning. But it was soon produced in this form – so a suitable name had to be found for this delicious nougat cube. Giving confectionary first names was popular in this period. Theodor Schmidt senior had just returned from Spain, and while describing his journey he said that one of his most impressive experiences had been the church in Toledo that was dedicated to the Bishop St. Ildefonso. The name sounded romantic and met with the general approval. Seven layers of dark and light nougat, selected hazelnuts and delicious chocolate coating are the secrets behind this unique composition!

Vienna is the capital of Austria and the place where the spirit of Austria’s biggest history is still alive. Austria’s biggest history, this was the time of the Austrian Empire, and the capital of the empire was Vienna.

Klagenfurt, the capital of the Austrian federal state Carinthia in the southern part of the country, is also mentioned as “the Rose of Lake W√∂rthersee”.

Salzburg, Austria’s 4th biggest city, is not only Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the Sound of Music, the Festival Salzburg, or a popular holiday destination for tourists from whole over the world. No! Salzburg is also the city of the tasteful Mozart Chocolates!

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