Heindl Mozartkugeln

Heindl Mozartkugeln

Heindl Mozartkugeln are fine marzipan and nougat cream chocolates in delicate, finest dark chocolate.

Confeserie Heindl is existing since 1953 and located in Vienna. The vision of Heindl is to go into the future with tradition and innovation.


Mozartkugeln Fürst

The “Original Fürst Mozartkugel” from Salzburg is the mother of all Mozartkugeln in the world.

The Mozartkugel chocolate was the first Mozartkugel. The confectioner Paul Fürst created this delicious candy in 1890.
The originals are only available in the shops of Confiserie Fürst in Salzburg.

The silver blue wrapped delicacy.

The Original Mozartkugel of Fürst unwrapped and splitted.