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The Amazing Chocolate

You must have heard of Cleopatra of Egypt, one of the most beautiful women in the history. She was said to use a combination of milk to bathe for her body, chocolate for her face and hair and oil for her hands. What we know today about chocolate is mostly found out from the history, but also sustained with thorough studies to see what results can be noted and what not. The tests and experience showed that chocolate has indeed benefits for both health and skin care, as it has a complex composition. The Health Benefits chocolate-mix-mask-paste-Chocolate prevents heart illnesses, because it contains flavanoids. These are some antioxidants that help the cells and also the body. The antioxidants help fighting the free radicals that are actually making the cells age faster. The level of blood sugar can be also kept under control with dark chocolate. It’s hard to believe, but it does make it true, even if the chocolate does contain some sugar. It reduces the levels of LDL, which is another na