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Homemade Chocolate Gift Ideas in 2022

When it comes to gifts nothing gives you that warm fuzzy feeling like Homemade Chocolate Gift Ideas and we have plenty.

Hot Chocolate Mix

Hot chocolate is the best, especially if you live in a cold climate like I do. The best of all is waking up or coming out of the cold night to a cup of hot chocolate.

My favorite Hot chocolate mix is the one found on the site LouDells Hot Chocolate Mix given to me by my mother-in-law. I love this mix and it has been the only one I’ve used in the past 25 years.

In making the decision on which gift to give just consider if you're giving to a couple, a family or one person. Our homemade single serving gift ideas is where we'll start.

Darling hot chocolate gift - with Mug.

This one is very simple and inexpensive. Get an inexpensive mug at your local dollar store. Take a couple of dipped spoons a large baggie filled with LouDells hot chocolate mix and a bag filled with either large, mini or homemade marshmallows. Place the dipped spoons and hot chocolate inside the mug. Tie the marshmallows to the mug handle.

Hot Chocolate with a kiss

This fun little gift is as tasty as it is fun. Buy 4-8 oz jam jars and put your homemade hot chocolate mix inside.

Crushed candy canes can then be placed on top of the hot chocolate mix. After layering your chocolate and crushed candy cane place some mini marshmallows on top.

Seal the top. If using a canning type jar place a couple of chocolate kisses on top of the jar and cover with some plastic wrap, draping it over the side. Put the lid on the jar and close the jar.

If using a baby jar you can hot glue the kisses to the top of the jar. Once your lid is in place just place your candy canes with a ribbon.

Hot Chocolate in a jar

This one is as simple as it is delicious. Keep the jars that your food come in, after cleaning them well, or get a cute jar from your dollar store. Tie a festive ribbon around the jar filled with the homemade chocolate mix.

Cocoa Latte and homemade hot chocolate

One of my favorite homemade hot chocolate gift ideas is the Cocoa Latte machine. One of my favorite tools is this one — it is constantly being used. Easy to use. If you want to see how easy and fun it is to use take a look at our Hot Chocolate videos.

The Cocoa Latte machine is one of my favorites, for a more expensive gift just add this with your hot chocolate mix. It's fun to dip some spoons and add miniature marshmallows to your homemade hot chocolate gift.


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